San Francisco

Lovingly knowned as San Pancho

San Pancho Wedding Planner

A quiet and familiar town

San Francisco (better known as San Pancho) is about 50 minutes drive north from Puerto Vallarta airport. It is a small and quaint town with a quiet rhythm and a strong community vibe, also known for its cultural and artsy atmosphere.

It is ideal for small weddings and groups with children looking for a laid back beach ambience. You will not find large resorts or all inclusive hotels, but there are a lot of beautiful oceanfront homes that offer all the amenities you may need. As most towns in Mexico, you can find a charming main plaza right in front of a small church and authentic homemade Mexican food at every corner. A real town experience!

Some of our favorite villas and resorts in San Francisco are:
MaraicaEnvironmentally and consciously built, designed and decorated, hotel Maraica offers a relaxing design and atmosphere. Tierra TropicalModern, beautifully decorated and designed, Tierra Tropical beach club offers the perfect scenario for your celebration. Be prepare for astonishing views! Casa de LeonIs a two-story Spanish-style Villa nestled amongst rich and tropical gardens located in the gated community of Las Olas. It is a tasteful blend of luxury hacienda and coastal arquitecture that was carefully designed to ensure rest and relaxation as well as providing a fantastic venue for retreats, weddings or special events.