Calling a wedding professional

Calling a wedding professional?

Each couple has a different list of priorities, make sure you have yours!

My recommendation is to start by setting up a call with a wedding professional. Getting started with wedding planning is all about figuring out what matters most to you as a couple. Before diving into a conversation with a wedding planner, sit down with your partner and chat about the basics. Put to gether your ideas and make sure you respond to the below questions before making that initial call.

A few subjects to discuss:

  1. Who’s Coming: Figure out roughly how many guests you’ll have and who they are—like family, friends, kids, etc.
  2. When and Where: Pick some potential locations and dates and check if they work for both, you and the wedding professional.
  3. Style and Feel: Describe in simple terms the vibe you want for your big day.
  4. Destination Plans: If you’re thinking of a destination wedding, decide on a budget for the wedding day as well as accommodation for your guests.
  5. Multiple Events: If you’re having a destination wedding, think about how many parties you want to throw.
  6. Your Wishlists: Talk about your dream wedding must-haves and things you definitely don’t want.
  7. Fun Stuff: Think about what kind of entertainment and services you’d like.
  8. Budget Chat: Be upfront about your wedding budget so the wedding professional knows what you’re working with.
  9. Inspiration Pics: Find about 10 pictures that show what you’re envisioning, but keep it real with your budget and destination in mind.
  10. Questions Galore: Write down any questions you have for the wedding professional, especially about what worries you the most.
  11. Sketch the basics: write down your ideas for food and beverages, entertainment, florals, live music, etc. The idea is to provide with the core of the celebration to the wedding professional.

This initial list or questions will help you get the most of a wedding professional initial call. Make sure you have all this information handy before connecting and enjoy!