Getting married in Mexico

Getting married in Mexico has become an extremely popular option for couples from all over the world. Couples often combine their wedding event with their honeymoon vacation.

However, do you know all the paperwork needed to get legally married in México? Here below, you’ll find a list of documents and papers needed. Please be aware legal requirements are subject to State regulations.


*Please remember this information is general and may vary from state to state or according to country of birth of bride and groom. Contact your wedding planner to discuss your personal case.

*You must present all required documents in original to the Justice of the Peace at least 3 days before the wedding day.

Requirements for NAYARIT State

Most common destinations for Nayarit are:

Punta Mita, Sayulita, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerías and San Pancho

  1. Bride and groom personal information, please provide:

                   a. Full name, address, email, phone, date of birth, full name of parents.

b. Scanned copies of bride and groom birth certificates (not older than one year).

c. Scanned copies of bride, groom and four witnesses’ valid passports. Please check expiration date, they should be valid at the moment of the wedding.

d. If the bride or the groom has previously been married, they need to present divorce certificate or death certificate. This will require scanned copies of the divorce decree or a certified death certificate (not older than a year).


  1. Witnesses: The couple must have four witnesses. Witnesses must be over age 18 and need to have an ID. Parents cannot act as witnesses.


  1. Blood test: They need to be made in Mexico within 15 days of wedding date. Couples need to arrive at least 3 working days prior to legal ceremony to have enough time to make them.


  1. Medical certificate: At the moment of the blood test, a doctor will inquire you about your general health and will issue a medical certificate.


  1. Immigration/ tourist card: Bride, groom and the four witnesses must present copies of their immigration tourist card (document given upon arrival to Mexico) at least 2 days before the wedding ceremony.


  1. Apostille service: In the case your country of residence requires the marriage certificate to be Apostilled to be recognized in its territory.


Do not forget to ask your wedding planner about time guidelines and costs involved.