Wedding planning

We have been in the event planning industry for the last 15 years and we have seen a lot; of course not all! as we continue surprising ourselves from time to time! Wedding planning and budget can be scary and overwhelming, so we put together some valuable pieces of advice for all couples to read before starting planning their own wedding.

We recommend reading this list through the end; and we are pretty confident, you will thank us afterwards!


  • Let’s start with budget. Establish a realistic budget. Make sure it is an amount comfortable for the two of you. Do not establish it on economic suppositions or additional incomes that may not happen. Always remember there are additional expenses closer to the wedding date, so plan on always having some reserves of at least 15% of the total budget.
  • Be open to your wedding planner’s ideas on how to make the best to use of your wedding budget. We know where it is worth spending the money and where it does not make a difference on the overall experience. Have a vision, but be flexible and open towards recommendations.
  • Remember the weddings you usually see at different blogs or magazines are usually on the higher level of per person budget. Have a vision, but be realistic.


Wedding planning


  • When choosing a small destination, be open to work with the wedding planner’s version of your vision. He/she will take into account your budget and local resources as he/she works on your proposal.
  • Florals, most flowers are grown open air. Availability is usually subject to weather conditions which are out of the hands of your wedding planner, the supplier or the grower. To avoid last minute stress and frustration, work on palette colors, not on specific flowers. Provide your florist with a feel, a look, palette color and a list of flowers you like, but give them the freedom to work and they will their best.
  • Remember your wedding planner IS on your team and he/she has been doing this for many years. He/she knows what works or what does not. The best weddings are those where couples listen to professional’s recommendations and work with them.
  • Do not stress with details that make no difference.
  • Think of the overall experience. Guests enjoy the experience and create memories around experiences, not things. If the menu paper is not the exact color or the flower not the exact tone, it does not create an impact on the overall experience. No one remembers the color of a napkin over the years anyways.
  • Create your own wedding. Everyone has a different personality and preferences. Do not copy someone else’s wedding. Create one that reflects your own personality as a couple.
  • Establish your priorities and make sure they are reflected in your budget. I.e. if photography is one of your priorities, make sure your budget contemplates a figure that will cover a good photographer.
  • Weather conditions affect the vision, ball room decoration not always work for outdoor venues.
  • Divide the work, bride and groom should have a list of their responsibilities.
  • Remember most wedding planners are open to an initial consultation call, do not fear to use it and ask for advice. If you are getting married in the Pacific coast of Mexico, do not doubt to contact us.
  • Always remember the company of your beloved ones is the real blessing of the wedding event.
  • Last, but not least, be open to be surprised! When I prepare for a trip, I do not see all pictures online, I like leaving some mystery to the destination, so the destination can surprise me. Do not obsessed to plan every single detail, your wedding planner will fill all empty small holes.

And most importantly:

Relax and enjoy your wedding day;

we have not found the way to travel back in time and do it all over again =)!